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    This time I will share my experience in creating an online store or online shop on wordpress using the WooCommerce plugin. In My case this time is to make goods that are sold using the PO or PreOrder method, where the buyer must first preorder to buy the goods he wants, which may have to wait a few days for the goods to be available. Here I am using the Woostify theme, you can download it here, and... read more

    Table of contents :

    1. Introduction
    2. Creating databases and tables... read more

    In the digital era like today, an e-commerce website or online store must have a shopping cart feature,... read more

    In this tutorial I will discuss how to install composer and laravel, for the laravel version I use is... read more
    In this tutorial we will learn to recognize and create components in React JS, as we know React JS is... read more


    Dekstop Programming

    We can help you in making desktop applications such as reservation application programs for home stays, villas and others.

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    Web Design dan Programming

    A prospective client will definitely try to visit the website of a company before deciding to use the services or...

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    Web Hosting and Domain Names

    WEB HOSTING Web Hosting is a place to put website files such as images/photos, html scripts, php, email etc on...

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