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    In this shopping cart tutorial, we will design a database to store the data from the shopping cart application. This database will store product data, products purchase data, products sales data, consumer data and admin data. All the data will be stored in related or relational tables in one database. We will use the PHP programming... read more

    This time I will share my experience in creating an online store or online shop on wordpress using the... read more

    1. Introduction

    In my understanding Angular is a Platform Framework created... read more

    Website programming is writing the flow of the process of making a program, which is based on a web page... read more

    Table of contents :

    1. Introduction
    2. Creating databases and tables... read more


    Dekstop Programming

    We can help you in making desktop applications such as reservation application programs for home stays, villas and others.

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    Web Design dan Programming

    A prospective client will definitely try to visit the website of a company before deciding to use the services or...

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    Web Hosting and Domain Names

    WEB HOSTING Web Hosting is a place to put website files such as images/photos, html scripts, php, email etc on...

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