Website Programming

Website programming is writing the flow of the process of making a program, which is based on a web page with a programming language that includes design and content that displays various information in the form of text, images, audio, video, and animation via hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) which is accessed via a web browser. such as: mozilla, Opera, Chrome, etc. with an internet connection as the connection.

The programming languages ​​that are often used for website programming are HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, ASP, XML, WML, AJAX.

Websites are divided into 3 categories, namely:

Static websites are websites whose content is fixed and visitors to static websites cannot interact directly with websites with this category, some call static websites as traditional websites or online brochures. Static websites have good loading speeds because they don’t need to load databases, plugins or other third-party software, but if the static website owner wants to change the content, the static website owner needs to change the content of the content code in it, so programming skills are needed to do it.

A dynamic website is a website that has content that is always updated and dynamic, usually there is a system created to manage all the content of this website called a Content Management System (CMS), this CMS system can be created yourself or using platforms such as wordpress, joomla, drupal and others.

Interactive website is a website that has features to interact both between fellow users and admins of the website, examples of interactive websites are blogs and forums.

After knowing the categories of the website, you can determine what category website you will create according to your needs so that you can prepare more planned content, concepts, designs and costs.

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