Creating Preorders (PO) for items in WooCommerce – WordPress

This time I will share my experience in creating an online store or online shop on wordpress using the WooCommerce plugin.

In My case this time is to make goods that are sold using the PO or PreOrder method, where the buyer must first preorder to buy the goods he wants, which may have to wait a few days for the goods to be available.

Here I am using the Woostify theme, you can download it here, and Woocommerce of course.

I assume you already know how to installing of theme and woocommerce plugin.

Table of contents

1. Download the PreOrders Plugin

2. Install the PreOrders Plugin

3. Plugin Settings

4. Creating New Products In WooCommerce

5. Closing

1. Download the PreOrder Plugin

please download the plugin here

2. Install the PreOrders Plugin

after we download the plugin, then we install and activate the plugin, if everything goes without an error, it will look like below.

3. Plugin settings

After the plugin is active, we will do the following settings for the plugin:

select WooCommerce > Settings > Preorder as shown below

4. Creating New Products In WooCommerce

After we set the plugin, then we will create a new product in woocommerce, the method is almost the same as making a regular new product, only the difference is in the “inventory” section in the “Pre Order Product” and “Pre Order Date” settings as shown below

For pre order date, select the date on which the goods are ready.

if everything goes well if it looks like the picture below

When you click on the image, a product detail page will appear as shown below

After the product detail page appears, a “Pre Order Now” button will appear. When you click it, it will automatically enter the shopping cart as shown below.

5. Closing

That’s the tutorial for making goods with Pre Order inventory status, hopefully it’s useful, thank you

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